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Great start!

10 years 5 months ago #1 by Guest
Great start! was created by Guest
This app is on a good start. iSeeMusic was the last app that supported visualizations over headphone listening. Unfortunately it was taken down due to patents around the app name.

This is an early version - hopefully by version 1.5 or 2.0 the following features will be supported:

-Accelerometer utilization for orientation detection. App currently has a setting you must manually configure to change orientation.

-Change controls to remove the song info/progress bar similar to the native iPhone music app. App currently doesn't allow manual removal of song info once it's displayed.  Only disappears after fixed amount of time determined by developer.

-Add equalizer bar visualization options similar (but better) to the Oculus app.

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10 years 5 months ago #2 by PhoenixSoftware
Replied by PhoenixSoftware on topic Re: Great start!
Thanks for the great feedback!

We have just submitted version 1.5.0 of FX Viz Scope to Apple. It has some great new features that address some of your suggestions.

Here are the new features:
✸ New visualization effect: Level Meter!
✸ Level Meter is an octave band analyzer, adjustable from 8 - 80 bands
✸ Full support for device auto-rotation (portrait and landscape modes)
✸ New color palette: Spectrum
✸ Improved artwork and icons
✸ Bug fixes and performance improvements

Level Meter is what you call the equalizer bar visualization, like Oculus (but better :)). And it now supports auto-rotation.

Regarding your suggestion re: removing the song info/progress bar - how would you suggest this work? In the native iPhone music app, tapping the screen shows/hides the progress bar. In FX Viz Scope, tapping the screen shows the music player interface. When the interface is visible, tapping the screen plays/pauses the player. Then it disappears after 4 seconds or so. Would you want a touch gesture to immediately hide the song info/progress bar (and player controls)? Or would you prefer that the UI stays visible until you do a touch gesture to hide it? Or do you have another idea?

Thanks again,
Phoenix Software

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